White Ceramin Braces

We offer oral sedation to patients suffering from dental phobias and anxiety.

Not every wisdom actually needs an extraction.
In addition, not every wisdom tooth can be extracted safely.

Therefore it is imperative to have a specialist assessment before the decision can be made.

Often it is wise to consider wisdom tooth removal earlier in life, say early to mid- twenties.
This may be well before the wisdom teeth cause any trouble, which is called prophylactic wisdom tooth removal, when we can predict with a degree of certainty that a particular wisdom tooth is very likely to cause health issues in future.
There are various reasons for this:

  • younger patients have considerably fewer risks when undergoing surgical procedures
  • it is much easier and less risky to remove a tooth that is not decayed or broken down
  • often if the roots of a wisdom tooth are allowed to fully develop they may become very closely involved with a large nerve that runs underneath the wisdom teeth; surgical damage to that nerve is then more likely

To make an assessment of your wisdom teeth we will require a panoramic X-ray of your jaws.

In certain cases a three-dimensional imaging will be performed to accurately visualise the anatomy surrounding the wisdom teeth.

Ask us at your next check up appointment to assess your wisdom teeth.

It is far more beneficial and infinitely more successful to try to prevent dental problems than to attempt