Veneer is a type of dental restoration.

They are primarily used for:

  • improving tooth discolorations
  • correcting tooth alignment
  • restoring part of tooth that is broken
  • improving shape / size of teeth

Veneers are generally divided into two subgroups:

Direct Veneers

These are placed in a single appointment directly onto your teeth using bonding. This simply means that we use Composite Resin material which is bonded to the tooth. Composite Resin is a type of dental material that is most commonly used for tooth colored filling. In the vast majority of cases no tooth preparation or grinding nor any local anaesthetics are required prior to placing a composite veneer.

Indirect Veneers

meaning the manufacturing of the veneer is done at a dental laboratory. This requires some minimal tooth preparation and multiple (usually two) appointments. These veneers are manufactured out of porcelain and get bonded onto the tooth structure, not unlike an artificial nail.

The two types of veneers differ in

1 – material

2 – price

3 – number of appointment required

4 – ease of repair in case of breakages / maintenance

5 – tooth preparation