In this world, first impressions are everything.
At the end of the day, if you don’t look your best it can have a negative impact on your private and professional life.
These days the best way to impress people and make a great impression is to have a stunning smile. People always remember a great smil

The Bright White Smile teeth whitening system uses the latest technology. It is quick and effective, fitting in with your busy lifestyle.

The Bright White Smile professional cosmetic teeth whitening system leaves you with a sensational White Smile and a great after taste! We use safe dental grade gels (contains a very low and safe Hydrogen Peroxide) and all our consultants are professionally trained.

Unlike some other companies, nothing is used twice!! We take hygiene very seriously.
It can take as little as 20 minutes to achieve a beautiful bright white smile you desire.
Listed below are our four whitening packages priced per person.


Recommended for the darker tooth shades and cigarette smokers.
50 minute light accelerated whitening session.
Maintain the highest level of whiteness.
40 minute light accelerated whitening session.
Our most popular package significantly whitens all tooth shades.
30 minute light accelerated whitening session.
Ideal for lighter tooth shades, the ultimate touch up.
20 minute light accelerated whitening session.
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