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Why travel overseas for breast augmentation only to return to Australia with an infection?
With our Standby Breast Program, you will be paying the overseas treatment price and have the treatment done here in Australia!
These breast implants are of the exact same standard as what we currently offer however through this cost-effective alternative we are able to make our services more accessible for all by maximising our surgical performance resulting in a lower price! And we’re doing this all for you!Going overseas has risks:

  1. What if you have a problem? Can you visit the doctor who performed the procedure, even weeks after it has happened?
  2. What if there are language barrier problems? Do you know the word for “profile” in a foreign language?
  3. What about health care standards compared to Australia?
  4. Isn’t it alarming to only meet the person who will perform your surgery a day or so before the actual procedure?
  5. Would you like to be fully involved in the process, with time to consider your options rather than have to decide on the day of the surgery when it is too late to back out?

There are false economies with going overseas:

  1. You will be in another country eating at restaurants and not cooking for yourself which will ultimately be more expensive!
  2. You have to spend significantly more time off work than if you had the procedure at home.
  3. Overseas travel requires passports, travel insurance, transport to the airport… the list of little things goes on and really adds up!
  4. You will usually spend money on souvenirs and other items that you would not have if you had been at home.
  5. You will want moral support so all the costs are doubled as you bring somebody along with you.
  6. If you have a problem or your desires change, you have to go back overseas, add further costs!

If you are planning a holiday after your breast have you considered:

  1. What happens if you are somebody who experiences more pain after their procedure? Your holiday will be ruined.
  2. There is great risk of potentially life-threatening infection in the tropics!
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