So you’ve been told you need Root Canal Therapy.
The following are the most common concerns that people have with regards to the procedure:

Why do I need Root Canal Therapy?

If the nerve inside a tooth is irreversibly inflamed or dies the tooth needs Root Canal therapy. The nerve tissue must be cleaned out of the canal space, otherwise you may be suffering infection, pain and bone loss around that tooth.

The only alternative to Root Canal Therapy is an extraction.

It is not uncommon for people to experience NO symptoms/discomfort with a tooth requiring Root Canal Therapy. This DOES NOT mean the tooth is healthy.

Will I have pain during or after Root Canal therapy?

It is extremely uncommon to experience pain during the procedure. We will ensure you are very well numbed up before we start doing anything. On rare occasion you may have some discomfort for a few days following the procedure. In that case you may need some mild analgesics. No time off work is usually required.

How is Root Canal Therapy done?

The usual appointment time is 1 to 1.5h. We obtain access to the nerve tissue through a small opening in the coronal part of the tooth. Then we proceed with careful filing and copious rinsing of the Root Canal System. Most teeth will need 2 appointments, some may be finished in one and others will require additional appointments. In between appointments you will have a temporary filling in the tooth.

How much does Root Canal therapy cost?

The costs range between $800 for a single, uncomplicated canal tooth and $1,900 for multi-rooted teeth. This cost does not include the final restoration of the treated tooth.

Does Root Canal Therapy have any risks or side effects?

Yes. Any medical or dental procedure is expected to have risks. Root Canal Therapy DOES NOT have 100% success rate. However performed skillfully and in timely manner it is one of the most successful procedures we do.

We recommend you discuss any other concerns regarding your Root Canal Treatment with your dentist.