Body Exfoliation :

Using only the softest of body salts enriched with aromatic oils we gently apply over area and with soothing and relaxing movements over the body it gently removes all traces of dull, dry, dead skins cells away leaving your skin buffed and fresh. Afterwards we give you time to shower  to remove excess body salts and then a rich, warm body moisturizer is then applied leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and well hydrated.


Body Massage:

Massage therapy is extremely beneficial to people leading busy lifestyles. Massage does not only aid with mental relaxation but can also help with physical symptoms of the back , neck  &  shoulders that comes from sitting for extensive amounts of time a desk or from physical labor. Deep Relaxation is great for our over- all well being.
Our massages are performed in a relaxing, dimly lit room with relaxing music and candle lit aromas burning .

Regular massage can be of benefit but not limited to the following conditions:


Muscular tension

Headaches and migraines

Work related stress

Repetitive strain injury


Sports and dancing injuries

Please note: If you are suffering from any of these conditions we may require clearance for the treatment from your treating Doctor.



Body Wraps:

Lose yourself with one of our invigorating body wraps. Treatment starts off with a dry body brush to increase circulation. Then a light salt scrub is applied and gently massaged over the skin to buff and hot towels to remove before one of our body wraps is applied over the entire body , excluding the face. You will then be wrapped and tucked up comfortably, relaxing to soothing music in a dimly lit room. Afterwards we allow you to shower to remove the body wrap and then a rich, warm body moisturizer is applied leaving your skin feeling soft supple and well hydrated and you floating on a cloud